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Designli was initially hired to develop an Android app for Arkiver, a startup founded to help people easily manage their personal digital assets. After Designli completed the Android build, Arkiver continued to have difficulty with their separate iPhone version - which was going over time and over budget with another agency. Because of the quality work Arkiver experienced with Designli, they asked us to take over the iPhone project as well. We crafted a solution to solve their issues and moved the project all the way to completion, saving the Arkiver team both time and money.

The Challenge

Arkiver decided to develop their app on both platforms simultaneously using two different development agencies. Designli was contracted to develop the Android version of the app using our tried-and-true, modular process. Arkiver already had the assets designed for the project, we simply had to adjust them to fit. We also ported the designs for tablets and similarly sized devices.

Arkiver Features

Capture & Store

Photos, Audio, Video, and Notes

Feature Title

Posters, Photo Books, Postcards, Phone Cases and More!

Share Memories

Post your collections to social media and share with friends

Sync Instantly

To Dropbox or Google Drive

The Mission

The Arkiver mission is to help users take control of their family memories.

"Our memories define us.
Yet our most meaningful photos and memories lie buried in boxes, devices,
social media, cloud storage and the heads of family members."

Arkiver's mobile app allows for beautiful management, storage, and sorting of memories of all types. It's a digital scrapbook that spans the web, iOS, and Android platforms, allowing for the syncing and sharing of notes, quotes, videos, and photos.

We took a liking to Arkiver's business model after hearing about their key differentiator: that is, storing all files and uploads on the user's own Dropbox or Google Drive account rather than a server owned by Arkiver itself. This is important when it comes to someone's own memories, as it provides a heightened sense of ownership. Users know that no matter what happens, their important uploads are there to stay.

iPhone Development

While the development of the Android app went without a hitch, the Arkiver team was having difficulty with the separate company tasked with developing their iPhone app. Bugs kept surfacing that took months to solve and this caused an incredible strain on Arkiver’s wallet. After experiencing a smooth, transparent development experience with Designli during the Android project, they decided to move the iPhone development over to us to fix the unresolved problems and finish the app.

After a thorough code review, we were able to give the Arkiver startup a granular estimate for bug fixes and for finishing the app. Much of our early work in the project was refactoring the codebase from the previous developers, which helped to fix many of the unresolved issues. As with most projects that span many teams, the project went a bit over schedule. However, we were still able to successfully complete the iPhone version of the app within Arkiver’s budget.

‘’Designli built the Arkiver Android app and made improvements to our iOS app. Their development teams are talented and our project manager was very responsive. As with any project, there were a few development issues we ran into that impacted the timeline but the guys at Designli are totally client focused and always did what needed to be done to make things right. That's why we continue to use them for our mobile app development and recommend them to others looking to build their apps.”

Logan Metcalfe, Arkiver