What We Already Know About What’s Coming With the New iPhone and Apple Watch

The iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch 2 are expected to be unveiled tomorrow at one of Apple’s signature live events, and while rumors about the hardware have yet to be confirmed (No headphone jack on the new phone? A new VR headset? New Macs on their way?), we already know quite a bit about how these new mobile models will work.

Earlier this year at its developer conference, the tech giant drew back the curtain on iOS 10 and WatchOS 3, the software that will power the two new devices.

Here are a few of our favorite features from the new software:

iOS 10

  • Interactive messages: The new Messages app will show images and videos if you post a URL, predict emoji and fun things like messages hidden with invisible ink you need to rub with your finger to reveal.
  • Sort your photos: iOS 10 uses facial recognition to automatically sort your photos into albums of people, places and events.
  • Siri opens up: App makers can now use Siri to control third-party software. Apple’s virtual assistant might soon be sending messages via Whatsapp, or helping you make tough swipe calls on Tinder.
  • New keyboard tricks: Siri’s also getting smarter, and will now be able to anticipate what you might be typing to help out with making dinner reservations or searching for a phone number buried in your address book.
  • Lock screen is now a hub: From the lock screen, you’ll be able to instantly jump to your camera, widgets, the new home app or jump to a notification.
  • Delete unwanted default Apple apps: Imagine the screen real estate you can free up.
  • Better maps: Apple’s updated Maps might be giving Google a run for its money. Now with alternate routes, Uber functionality, traffic info and points of interest, it will go a long way to helping Apple catch up in the navigation game.

For a full rundown of everything iOS 10 has in store, check out CNET’s roundup here.


  • Seven times faster performance: Apps on your wrist shouldn’t be suffering from any failures to launch, with Apple cutting down on the delays before an app opens.
  • A face fit for fitness: Not only is there a new fitness-tracking watch face, you can share your details with friends and family if you want to brag. Or need someone to keep you honest.
  • Control Center: As with iOS, WatchOS 3 now provides quick access to battery life and settings for Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb and more.
  • New interface: The side button on the Apple Watch now brings up your App Dock, swiping up gives you your settings, and more. A total interface revamp makes the Watch way more intuitive to use.

You can find live coverage of the event at 10 a.m. PDT Wednesday, Sept. 7 pretty much everywhere. There are several ways to celebrate the event, none of which we endorse.