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An ‘App’ a Day to Better Your Life and Business

Avriel Ralys May 2, 2016

Your life is busy. And when you’re a business owner, you need all of the help you can get to organize both your business and personal life. Productivity apps are becoming increasingly popular with apps and programs cropping up for note taking, checklists, reminders and more.


The trouble with these ‘revolutionary’ apps that all claim to be ‘exactly what you’ve needed’ to stay productive and organized? Often, these apps aren’t customizable enough for an individual’s lifestyle and they definitely aren’t geared toward lifestyle and business.


However, there are some unique apps that are worth looking into that will help you not only better your life, but your business as well.


IF This, Then That


IFTTT, or ‘if this, then that,’ allows you to create formulas to ‘connect the apps you love’ like never before. For example, when you add a new contact to your phone it can also be marked in your calendar (great for new clients), or you can sync your alarm clock with your WeMo switch and wake up to coffee in the morning. IFTTT can be paired with multiple different devices, apps and softwares. There are pre-made formulas but also include the option to create your own, allowing for you to connect your apps in a way that’s completely unique to your personal lifestyle and business needs.


Productive – Habit and Goal tracker


Productive is an app with the goal of helping you ‘build good habits and organize your life’. This app allows you to build an outline of your day, planning your routine and goals specific to the morning, afternoon or evening. You’re reminded to complete your goals to maintain your routine, and the app tracks the number of ‘perfect routine’ days you’ve completed. This app combines a calendar, reminders, and note taking all into one to keep you motivated and on track.




A business is not run from just a smartphone, so motivation to be productive while on the web is a must. Momentum is an extension for Chrome that provides both inspiration and focus. When you open a new tab using Momentum, it opens a page designed by you. It can give you a preview of your day with overview of your to-do’s, and display a photo and quote of your choice.



Though there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ app to organization and productivity, hopefully these apps can better your business and life. Besides, you do enough work during the day, it’s time to let technology do a little bit of work for you.

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