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‘Client Hell?’ We Can’t Relate.

Keith Shields July 8, 2015

For-hire software companies always complain.


They moan about what little enjoyment they get out of working on clients’ projects.


They moan about having to make the changes that their clients request, especially when they don’t think those changes are necessary.


They moan about not having time to work on ideas of their own.


Sometimes, they coin this as “Client Hell.


What’s worse is that so many for-hire software development companies absolutely hate client relations. They take the personal relationships that are formed during the process for granted, and are only focused on the business side of the relationship (read: “[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]This person wants to talk to me but hasn’t paid me anything yet? Ha! Good try.[/inlinetweet]”)


Is this really what business has come down to?


At Designli, we think differently.


I’m often asked how I can possibly enjoy client work. And members of our team get asked this same question. The answer is simple: we have the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs of all walks of life, and of all shapes and sizes. These are extraordinarily talented folks who are actually doing something with their dream startup or app idea. They are motivated enough to make something happen. They are letting us in on that grand plan of theirs so that we can lend a hand in seeing their dream to life.  How cool is that?


We think it’s pretty neat.


So what exactly is so great about this process, you ask?


The ability to help shape future products


The first concept that a new client brings through our doors typically isn’t the last version of it that we see. During our famous $3,500 Graphic Design Package, we work on wireframing and graphic design so we can be entirely on the same page as our clients. When this happens, we often see idea fine-tuning going on, and that is perfectly okay. This is the realm of startups and entrepreneurs, after all!


We offer the outside perspective that our clients can bounce their ideas off of – from the crazy ones to the ones that actually end up being implemented into their app.


We assist with conceptualization throughout this process, and can lend our industry expertise towards pointing our clients in the direction of success. After all, many of our clients are fresh, first-time entrepreneurs, so they appreciate our feedback – and we have dialed in the art of helping entrepreneurs think through aspects of their app or website that they may not have thought of on their own.


In what other industry would a team like ours have such an immediate impact on so many new and exciting businesses hitting the market?


Shaping the future is part of our day jobs.


The ability to watch our clients grow


Beginning with just an idea and a *sometimes* scary world of opportunity, we see entrepreneurs grow into owners of successful startups, and it couldn’t feel any better than that.


We assist with the process along the way and can often see it unfold right before our eyes. As our clients’ products evolve and mature, so do the entrepreneurs themselves – and that is a beautiful thing to be able to watch.


Sometimes this involves high-stakes situations like helping with the process of raising investment rounds. At other times, it means making sure the app is scalable to the popularity that it has found once live on the App Store. All of the above are situations that we are excited to share.


Our clients love us, and we love them right back!


Designli T-Shirts, anybody?
Designli tees, anyone?


So, what’s the moral of the story?


To the pleasure of your weary reading eyes, this post has a fairly straightforward wrap-up.


Client relations are only as rewarding as the effort you put in. If software development companies only communicate with their clients to the extent of extracting money from their pocket and putting it into their own, then odds are good that they are one of the many businesses that moans, moans, and moans.


But if you’re in it to build quality products alongside driven entrepreneurs whose success you care about, then it is enjoyable. The Designli crew wakes up every day ready to tackle our clients’ technical problems while our clients can focus on the ever-important business aspect of starting a new company.


Working with entrepreneurs motivates us, and we hope we can share this experience with you – the reader – in the very near future!


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