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Thankful for Our Fantastic Clients and Their Feedback

Laura MacPherson November 21, 2018

This Thanksgiving season, we’ve been focusing on gratitude. And no gratitude list would be complete without our clients! We’re lucky to work with amazing people doing incredible things. In this post, we’re sharing a few of the great client reviews we’ve received recently — another thing we’re thankful for!

Nathan Bland

“Since the app and website overhaul, page loading times have decreased by more than 18 seconds and sales have climbed by 300%. Visitors report that both platforms are more user-friendly. Designli keeps detailed records, follows up on every request, and works efficiently with other vendors. The project was finished early, on budget, and exactly like we wanted it.”

Kevin Nadeau

“At the onset when I began conceptualizing my startup company, I knew one of the largest variables to success would be a great looking, user-friendly, scalable and robust website. I gravitated towards [Designli’s] personal approach to the design process. I liked the fact that these tech guys didn’t approach my project as simply code, 1’s and 0’s. They spent a great deal of time up front getting to know me and learning about my life experiences. After all, my life experiences are what led me to start my own business. Every step of the design process from concept to development was smooth and efficient. The weekly updates and regular milestone reports made keeping up with progress a breeze, even for a non-tech person like me. Working with Designli has been a truly collaborative process and my initial product offering will be even better for it. I look forward to working with Josh and Keith well into the future.”

Allan Symonette

“When I met with Josh and Keith at Designli, I knew right away they were the ones to guide me through this project. Their unique “path” to a finished app is certainly a process I could understand and appreciate as a first-time entrepreneur — one with zero experience in this space. By far the best money I’ve spent was taking the time to walk through the concept. How I wanted the app to look and function gave us direction and let me know if what I wanted to do could even be done. Problems were solved, money was saved as different and more cost-effective ways to build a feature were vetted. The idea became reality and we all could “see” what it would/could be versus what we hoped it might be. Defining user types and personas helped me understand how different users will interact with our app and design features in a way that benefits those users. This process allowed me to look at the app through the ultimate user’s eyes, not just mine.”

Lance Theobald

“Going through the Solution Lab process was the best decision our team made during the ideation and design phase with a new product launch. This was a unique service that Designli offered and, after talking to the Designli team, we decided to engage them to help our team crystallize our thoughts and ideas into an executable plan of action. Keith and Josh did a fantastic job of moderating the discussion, keeping everyone on track and the end result was exactly what we hoped it would be!”

D.A. Parson

“Designli is by far one the best design firms I have had the pleasure of courting while in the building phase of our startup MVP. Keith and his team were professional, and definitely understood our product. They approached each piece of the discovery phase with laser focus as well. While ultimately we were unable to use their team due to budgetary constraints, if this level of professionalism early on is any indication of what the development process is like, I know we would have been in great hands!”

Rebecca Heiss

“Cannot give a high enough recommendation for Designli. Many development companies don’t value the consulting and “framing up” of a project as much as they should before plunging into full app development. The SolutionLab did a fantastic job aligning expectations for my project: ensuring every team member was on the same page, and laying the foundation for a successful overall execution of the project before having to commit to the full price-tag of developing a feature-rich app. The ability for the Designli team to communicate clearly, with language devoid of developer jargon was a key element throughout the process. The SolutionLab experience gave me complete confidence that not only did the team understand the technical challenges of my product, they were committed to its success and understood my app at least as well as I did.”

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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