The Power of Presentation

Presentation is everything.


When you say the word “presentation” what is the first thing that pops into your head? Let me guess…Microsoft Powerpoint! Did I guess correctly? Of course I did. All our lives we have been conditioned to think of “presentation” as synonymous with a boring Powerpoint that your history teacher forced you to make explaining what sparked WWII. Even though everyone in the room has seen Pearl Harbor and knows exactly how WWII got started (or at least how the United States got tied into the mix).


This is NOT the type of presentation I am talking about here.


I am talking about the kind of presentation that makes an immediate and lasting impact on people the second they lay eyes on your product. What makes Apple products so special? They are sexy, they are sleek and they are beautifully designed.


For instance if you were trying to impress the new, fresh out of college, HR girl sitting across the table at a weekly staff meeting which socks would you be more likely to wear?


Starting to get my drift?


The fact of the matter is that all of us love to judge things. We judge our friends, our co-workers, we judge the person standing in line in front of us at Starbucks, but most importantly we judge the products we interact with on a daily basis.


But what exactly are the products of a business? I’ll give you a hint, it is not JUST the actual product they sell. It is their sales team, their website, their customer experience and service, their leadership team, their portfolio, the impressions they leave on past clients and the list goes on.


Research shows that when a user arrives at a website, at least 50% of them will leave that same website within 8 seconds. Are you kidding me?!


That means 50% of the people who started reading this blog post have since clicked out a longgggg time ago and moved on to more important things (sad face). AKA 50% of you decided reading this post was not worth your time (another sad face).


Let’s take for example. Here are some of the “products” we present to our viewers, supporters, clients and followers on a week in, week out basis:



1. A beautiful portfolio


We decided a long time ago that words can only go so far. What good is it saying we make the most elegantly crafted and designed apps on the market without having the proof to back it up? That is why we put a lot of time and effort into creating a spectacular portfolio showcasing the work that we have done for past clients.



2. A skillful team of technical and creative experts


Our team is our core. We believe the app design and development process can be a very fun and rewarding experience for those who choose to work with us. That is why we dedicate ourselves to always maintaining a constant line of communication between us and our clients. Client relations is very important to us and you can be sure we put our money where our mouth is.



3. Flawless mobile and web applications


What good would an amazing team be if we were unable to deliver amazing apps? We work tirelessly to deliver products to our clients that they will be proud to show off to their friends, family and colleagues and we never settle for anything less.

So what is the key takeaway here?


Everything matters. Whether you are at work with co-workers or at a happy-hour with new friends everything you do matters: your actions, your words, your appearance, the way you walk, the way you smell, the way you sit at a table…everything!


Now translate that into a business setting. Everything still matters. Your sales team, your website, your project managers, your customer experience, your blog, the people you hire…everything plays a part into what people will think of your company.


Which leads me to one question…What will people think of you the next time they see you? What will the next new visitor to your website think when he lays eyes on your homepage?


It’s like my high school football coach once told me: “Take care of the little things and the big things take care of themselves.”


Start presenting like a champion and see what happens!