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The Reviews Are In… 5 Stars!

Keith Shields May 10, 2018

Proper app development is crucial to a successful product in today’s society. At Designli, we prioritize quality mobile app development to improve our clients’ businesses. It is crucial that we provide the highest level of care available to our clients, and we strive to see the results of this commitment. We are proud to say that we have received a 5-star rating on Clutch’s website. Clutch is an independent marketplace that conducts ratings and reviews of businesses to ensure their clients select the best provider for their services. Clutch has conducted phone interviews with our past clients and they have rated us with 5/5 stars. We have also been ranked by Clutch as one of the Top Mobile App Developers in Charlotte!



We ensure an efficient and on-time product for our clients. Clutch interviews clients along a variety of metrics. Two of these metrics, scheduling and cost, are very important to us at Designli. One of our satisfied clients – GoodTwice – detailed their experience with us, stating,


“They beat the deadlines set for the mobile development. The project was finished early, on budget, and exactly like we wanted it. When we went to them with a request, they executed as per our vision.”


Not only did we receive 5 stars along these two metrics, we also received perfect ratings along the other two metrics, “Willingness to Refer” and “Quality.” Our commitment to quality includes both concrete and calculable deliverables as well as superb communication with our clients. Our clients seem to have agreed with our effectiveness in these two categories. Check out some quotes from our reviews on Clutch’s site here:


            “Designli follows up with a detailed email after every meeting or random call, detailing everything we discussed and everything they committed to. Each objective is listed as a bullet point, from the very complex to the most trivial items. This shows that they care about every detail and never forget our requirements. We track most of our tasks in Basecamp. It may be because our previous developer was so bad, but Designli has exceeded all our expectations.”


“Our sales have also gone up since we started working with them. Since we had been plagued with numerous site issues and other factors, we only had $3,000 in sales for the period between June and September. After Designli took over, our sales went up by 300%.


“After only a few weeks of work on our database and web servers, Designli sped up our site tremendously. Page load times went down from 20 seconds to less than two, which was essential for retaining customers.”


I’ve been impressed with their thoroughness and efficiency. Designli follows up each one of our conversations with an email outlining all the tackled topics.”


We are so pleased with our 5-star rating and are committed to keeping our level of service to our customers consistent.


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