A Vibrant, Expanding Designli Team

The core Designli team located here in beautiful, sunny Greenville South Carolina – and who composes it – is something we take seriously.

Why is that so?

What we’re doing here is building a great business that builds – and supports – the great businesses of our clients. Our clients rely on us to be their technical experts that they can lean on to solve their complex technical problems. The core members of Designli’s team are constantly tasked to expand their own horizons, find new and exciting ways to make custom software development a more certain and transparent process of our clients, and to architect the solutions that will ultimately be used by startups established businesses alike.

For that reason, our clients demand access to capable, relatable, technically impressive people and when expanding our core team we’ve always done a great job in ensuring new team members exhibit those characteristics.

We’re happy to announce that our small-yet-capable team has expanded by two over the last few weeks. Even more importantly, it’s expanded while maintaining these values and Designli’s focus on transparent and high-quality custom app development. So, without further ado, please meet:

Shawn Parrotte

Marketing Manager

shawnShawn is a hugely talented digital marketer. How do we know that? Well, before his gig at Designli, he single-handedly grew his own brand – guitar tutorial website Choridstry.com – from zero to an audience of 90,000 YouTube subscribers, 4,000 newsletter subscribers, and 35,000 monthly website visitors…all in just two and a half years.

Embracing the world of digital marketing, he didn’t stop there. He realized that he needed to know front-end development in order to have complete confidence in optimizing his own website, and taught himself HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & jQuery, Foundation 6, Joomla, SquareSpace, and Webhook CMS.

Shawn joins other Designli New Yorkers living in the South (3 Yankees, to be exact) as he expands on his marketing know-how, takes the reigns of the Designli brand, and works to communicate Designli’s immense value to prospective clients around the world.

Jon DeMersseman

Project Coordinator

Jon is an IT rockstar. He’s had 20 years’ hands-on leadership as a technology guru in IT operations, strategy creation, architecture, project management, and information security. He’s worked at cool places like the University of Kentucky and Amazon.

Jon excels in putting together a deep understanding of our clients’ complex technical problems. Whether this means building a startup from scratch or working with an established business’ existing systems to add features or troubleshoot, Jon can embed himself with our clients’ unique requirements and lead the implementation of a custom-coded software solution. Better yet, he even coaches the occasional Startup Weekend event helping first-time entrepreneurs get their start.

He has the unique ability to talk tech to those who can, and plain English to those who would rather not. A rare – and much appreciated – trait!