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ClubUp connects golfers, caddies and clubs to let them enjoy the traditional way of playing golf.

Golfers can use their mobile app to book a caddie on the ClubUp platform. It’s easy, convenient, and affordable: and all logistics and payment are handled right in the app.

Caddies can earn money while setting their own schedule from their ClubUp app, while being notified of new rounds available to be claimed near their location.

Just as Uber empowers people to book a ride when they need, ClubUp provides country club members with on-demand caddies. ClubUp partners with country clubs to provide this service to members using a turn-key membership program.

The Visuals

All Designli projects begin with a Graphic Design & Prototyping Package, where we’ll wireframe and fully design the visuals of the app before any code is written. This way, our client and our team are entirely on the same page with the features and functionality of the software product.

With Graphic Design complete, the User Experience of how both user types - Caddies and Golfers - would interact with the same mobile app installation was established.

UX (User Experience) is often glossed over in the process of quickly building software products. The bar is set high in the world of mobile apps, as users are accustomed to using popular apps that have been perfected over years and years of work and refinement. For this reason, poorly designed apps that are too complex to use and understand are quickly uninstalled. Designli’s emphasis on this stage ensures that the products we build incentivize maximum usability and retention.

The Result

With a tight timeframe to launch, we proceeded with a granular WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) outlining our task list and estimated development time for each, as well as our best estimate of timeline - both of which were met during the development project.

The ClubUp launch represented a perfect approach to the concept of MVP’s (“Minimum Viable Products”). The feature set, although small to start, was polished and consumer-ready. The experience didn’t feel half-baked from a user’s perspective, but much of the caddie assigning on the back-end was done manually. This is a combination that decreases upfront investment, allows our clients to test the market, and automate some of that back-end in future builds.

Golfers can request a caddie for a certain day and time, and designate their number of bags - getting a real-time quote when booking that caddie in advance. Payments are facilitated in the app using the PayPal SDK after the caddie service has been completed and rated by the user.

Designli seeks to empower digital relationships, and this project spoke to that purpose: facilitating a tighter relationship between caddies and golfers that require them.