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Enabling the Human Side of Commerce

Emotional Commerce is an Open API, allowing brands to build their own video experiences. Videos are uploaded to Emotional Commerce through the API, and a scan-able QR code is returned that can be used to retrieve the video at any time.

eCommerce Made Personal

eCommerce stores now implement Emotional Commerce into their checkout experience: when a user buys a gift for someone else, they can record a video message. The generated QR Code can be included on the packing slip or printed on the box, and the gift recipient can scan it to see the video recording.

Building Brand Loyalty

Brands have the ability to customize the landing pages that end-users see when scanning QR Codes to view the associated video file. In this way, brand loyalty can be built - associating positive experiences with their company.

Engineered to Scale

Emotional Commerce was engineered to be used by brands big and small. Since companies pay for usage, based on minutes of video watched as well as QR Codes generated, they can choose to implement the API in whatever form or fashion makes the most sense for their business.

More Personalized Gifting

Imagine a more personalized gifting experience. Since building the 'plumbing' of hosting and serving videos with associated, scan-able QR Codes is expensive, Emotional Commerce enables brands to roll personalized video messages out at a fraction of the cost using its Open API.

Security Controls

Builders of Emotional Commerce-enabled applications can set security controls as they see fit.

For example, limit video viewing to a single consumer with security features such as geolocation and time restrictions, based on the 'delivery address' entered during checkout.

The Result
Used to power emotionally-driven brand experiences for companies big and small, Emotional Commerce is live and available to the world.
This project is a great example of a client brain-child that went from conceptualization, through Designli's SolutionLab, and all the way through Design, Prototyping, Agile Development and Launch.
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