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Did you know that approximately 75% of IT and business executives feel their software project is doomed from the start?

At Designli, it’s our mission that your project finishes on budget, with as little scope creep as possible, and with complete transparency throughout the entire design and development process.

We work to understand your project on a deep level so that we can guarantee you a fixed budget, a fixed scope of work, and a deliverable that you know is exactly what you signed up for.



We scope out complete project details in advance to assemble a fixed Scope of Work, a guaranteed fixed price, and a defined ‘deliverable’ that you’ll receive at the conclusion of your project.


Your custom app or website solution can integrate into your existing accounting software, CRM, or database.


Be the hero of your organization with a detailed proposal of exactly what you’ll get for what price. Designli injects transparency and a satisfaction guarantee into an industry that truly needs the help.


How Do We Do It?

Every business' software needs are different. We take the time to learn about what you're looking to accomplish, and assemble a team of experts around your particular needs, guaranteeing the fixed scope of work ‘deliverable’ and price point before touching any code. This model allows you to tap into our industry experts only as you need them, keeping costs down when you don’t.

During The Project

We’ve developed a proprietary Project Management platform we’re calling CodeMap, created specifically to help our clients easily and transparently track the progress of their project.

CodeMap is your window into your project during and post-development. Know where you stand at all times with features, payments, and scope changes:


Making Progress

Your Activity Feed will show progress on your project since you last checked the platform.

No More Bugs

As you test your new custom software, easily add bugs that your team can review and resolve right away.

Pending Features

Your project is broken down into phases of work, with a designated number of features to be built into each phase. Check off a feature when it's complete, or add a request for a scope change inline which will be quoted and billed instantly if approved.




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