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Visualize project status in real time.

Genchi is a project status reporting tool, powered by a daily sentiment survey from every team member.

Designli began a relationship with Genchi during our SolutionLab roadmapping session, and brought the product all the way through graphic design, prototyping, development, launch and - most importantly - iteration based on market feedback.

The Team Knows Best

Genchi's founder, Rowland, knew that project success relies on the cooperation of an entire team.

The idea itself is simple: Project Managers and Stakeholders should be able to see the entire team's view of the current status, and its likelihood of success, each and every day.

A Team's Perspective

Combining each team member's insight with the opinion of others creates an outcome prediction: will this team reach its stated goal?

An Easily Digestible Dashboard

Individual team projects are 'rolled up' into a Dashboard view, showing the blended status color of the root team while taking into account dependencies from all sub-teams.

The Result
Status reports are yesterday's news. See what is happening today, and what that means for tomorrow.
Genchi is available to the general public at View the project and sign your team up by clicking the button below.
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