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      Designli was founded on a single premise: to bring certainty and transparency to app development. But to truly understand what we do, we believe it’s important for you to know how we got here.

      Our journey began as a company called Applits. Our mission was to shake up the mobile application industry by crowdsourcing app ideas. The Applits community submitted ideas and a voting process determined which apps were brought to life. Three years, over 2,000 ideas, and 16 launched apps later, we understood first-hand the strategies and struggles of designing and developing quality mobile apps.

      Through our Applits venture, two things became very apparent. First, how difficult it is to price out an app project, and second, the challenges of communicating expectations with the team developing it. We found a severe lack of agencies that understood the needs of established businesses and startups conscious of both budget and time frame.

      It became clear to us what to do next: we decided to close Applits so we could forge our own agency to solve these exact problems. Following the classic “necessity is the mother of invention” philosophy, we utilized the connections and relationships we’d cultivated from professionals around the U.S. and the globe to offer a unique solution: fixed price apps for startups and enterprise businesses and a model for transparency throughout the entire development process.

      So, if your business wants to offer products or services through a mobile app, or you’re an entrepreneur with a great startup idea, we’d like to welcome you and offer to become your digital partner. We have a growing team of vetted talent that started from our days at Applits who have proven time and time again that app development doesn’t have to be complicated. With Designli, you can expect a project to stay within the budget you define and the process of building it will never be a mystery.

      Need more proof? Check out our portfolio to see some of the projects we've worked on here at Designli, or learn more about our services for enterprise businesses as well as startups.

We’d love to hear about your product or idea.

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We’d love to hear about your product or idea.