On-demand product teams.

Dedicated product development teams.

Your on-demand product team to build in-demand products

Extra development muscle can help push projects across the finish line and meet aggressive deadlines. Freelance developers are often siloed off, though, which complicates scalability. That’s why Designli includes a product owner to create a complete, functional product team.

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An extension of your business.

Your on-demand product team works alongside the rest of your department. You can scale up and skill up, all without taking on the talent acquisition headaches. Of course, there is still one big difference between your on-demand product team and an additional in-house team:

When you scale back down, you don’t have to do layoffs.

The ability to scale up at will works wonders for your enterprise app development projects. The ability to scale down without reducing your in-house workforce works wonders for morale. On-demand product teams from Designli give you the best of both worlds.

More than dedicated developers.

Getting some extra development hours here and there can help in a pinch, but an on-demand product team is more than that, too. Let’s simplify your enterprise app development in four steps:

Step 1: Information gathering.

We’ll review your existing materials and audit specifications to ensure we understand your business and project. This gets us familiar with your existing technologies and any code you’re already using. Once we understand your requirements, we’ll bring the right expertise to the table so we can make an impact as soon as possible.

Step 2: Project assessment.

This is where we begin our formal project assessment, including a 60-hour deep dive. We use this time to review your codebase, firm up the scope, and perform any other analysis necessary to get us to kickoff. Our team has this part of the process down to a science, which means you’ll receive a thorough assessment for a flat retainer fee with no surprise costs.

Step 3: Kick-off.

After your assessment, it’s time to start allocating members to your dedicated team. As time and resources are dedicated to your project, you’ll see progress in your backlog almost immediately. That means you and your team get hours back in your day. Multiple weekly meetings keep the communication channels open so you’re just as connected to the work as ever.

Step 4: Investment Breakdown.

At a minimum, your project will receive the following:

  • 1 dedicated developer
  • 1 product owner (for 8 hours per week)

Beyond that, the approach is completely customizable depending on your needs. You don’t run a generic business, so we don’t offer you a one-size-fits-all solution. Customize the engagement based on your scope and budget.

Your product owner will keep everything on track. You can also count on them for graphic design oversight and UX expertise. If you need to scale up along the way, we’ll add more talent to your project. When you need to scale back, we’ll reallocate resources so you don’t have to do layoffs.

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