The SolutionLab

Designli’s proprietary Psychology Driven Product Design process takes you from software concept to fully defined, designed, and prototyped product demo that is entirely development ready — with habit-forming hooks built in to your core feature set.

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Successful Product

An Architect for Custom Products

The SolutionLab is like bringing in an architect for your custom home before hiring a contractor to pour cement. For digital products like apps and responsive web-apps, defining and planning is paramount to success.

Apply “Design Thinking” Methodology

We'll analyze your core feature set, focusing on the User Experience of the features to be built into your Minimum Viable Product. We’II help you test the market in order to make informed decisions on what to build next.


Your Deliverables

At the conclusion of the SolutionLab process, you'll walk away with a "Product Blueprint" document that explains core features and value proposition, an Application Screenflow with visual User Personas, a fully designed Product Prototype, and a Roadmap for Next Steps that explains what you can expect as far as investment and timeline should you wish to proceed to full development and product launch.


Launch Your Product


Product Design

What’s the Problem With Launching Apps?

Ask yourself this: of the ~2.5 million apps on the store, how many do you have installed on your phone? And of those, how many do you use on a regular basis?

A Better Way to Design Consumer-Facing Products

We apply the Scientific Method to consumer-facing product design. Build core features with habit-forming triggers built-in to your Minimum Viable Product. Iterate with our help on the analytics behind product features as we explore what functionality users care about most.


What Our Customers Say

When starting my business, I wanted to jump directly into design and implementation as I thought I already had a solid idea to work with. I am so glad that I decided to first go through Designli's SolutionLab. Designli's structured and comprehensive process really helped me to think through how the product would really work, and we thoroughly explored the user experience and likely edge cases and exceptions. This definitely saved me from some rewrites further down the line. The UX document and screen flow, now lay out a blueprint for the next stage in the process and I feel confident that we have laid a solid foundation to build upon. Very impressed.

Designli's SolutionLab helped me dig deep into the technical considerations of my app, getting important decisions out of the way early on. We've explored Behavioral Design, to make the app an engaging and habit-forming product.

Because the digital world is outside my scope of expertise, the confidence I attained by working through the SolutionLab process with Designli was invaluable. Knowing where to start through their step by step process was huge for me.

Designli's professionalism and transparency is another huge value in my book. As I have partnered with them into what is unchartered territory for me, I am resting easy knowing that we will produce an amazing product that will bring great value to others.

Many development companies don't value the consulting and 'framing up' of a project as much as they should before plunging into full app development. The SolutionLab did a fantastic job aligning expectations for my project: ensuring every team member was on the same page, and laying the foundation for a successful overall execution of the project before having to commit to the full price-tag of developing a feature-rich app.

The ability for the Designli team to communicate clearly, devoid of developer jargon, was a key element throughout the process. The SolutionLab experience gave me complete confidence that not only did the team understand the technical challenges of my product, but they were also committed to its success.

Designli's unique path to a finished app is a process I could understand and appreciate as a first-time entrepreneur - one with zero experience in this space. The very first step - SolutionLab - was the best one, though I admit I questioned the need for it upfront.

By far the best money I’ve spent. Problems were solved and money was saved as more cost-effective ways to build a feature were vetted. This process allowed me to look at the app through the ultimate user’s eyes, not just mine.

The SolutionLab is absolutely necessary to the process - you wouldn’t build a house without blueprints, why would you build an app without a detailed set of plans?

Going through the Solutions Lab process was the best decision our team made during the ideation and design phase with a new product launch. This was a unique service that Designli offered and, after talking to the Designli team, we decided to engage them to help our team crystallize our thoughts and ideas into an executable plan of action. Keith and Josh did a fantastic job of moderating the discussion, keeping everyone on track and the end result was exactly what we hoped it would be!

The Designli SolutionLab is a profound product for business owners seeking entry into the mobile marketplace. It's value shines in Designli's ability to help hone your company's mobile direction, target your end users, and provide clear industry standards to success!


Our “Why”

Our mission is to be a guide for our clients, helping you figure out what drives user engagement for your product.


the Risk

A Modular Approach to Custom Software

Receive market validation and a fully demoable prototype through our transparent, tried-and-true process.

A Logical Starting Point to Product Creation

Our goal is to save you thousands of dollars and years of your life from building the wrong thing. Your SolutionLab deliverable will be laid out in a way that anybody can understand, whether that be another development team, an investor, or other stakeholders.

Accelerated Learnings Based on Real Experience

Through our own startup company, we built and launched 18 unique consumer-facing mobile apps. We learned that creating a successful piece of software is about much more than nice design and writing proper lines of code.


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