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Designli Named the Top App Developer in South Carolina

Katie Iannace September 9, 2022

Designli once again ranks as the top app development company in South Carolina for the year 2022. 

Best SC App Developers

A software company is not a car manufacturer that needs to be located next to a port, nor does it rely on foot traffic and location. It doesn’t need a physical space at all actually. And the shift over the last few years in workspace habits means more work is done virtually. 

This allows people in different parts of the country to connect. Now the farmer in Kansas with a brilliant software idea can link up with a company that makes it happen, just like the make up stylist on the west coast can consult with developers on the east coast, instead of paying local Los Angeles prices. 

Designli is thrilled to be awarded as the top app developer in South Carolina. 

Over the years, Designli has worked with numerous clients across all timezones in the US, as well as international customers. While their industries are varied, the core purpose remains the same—they have an idea and need someone to bring it to life. 

Designli focuses on building apps and websites for: 

  • entrepreneurs with a startup idea
  • enterprises needing advanced business solutions
  • clients with an existing product that needs to be improved or changed
  • anyone with a bespoke software need

While previously overlooked, the southeastern region of the United States has become a hotbed of innovation. South Carolina in particular is an attractive destination to big businesses (like BMW, Michelin, and Boeing) as well as a leader in promoting small business. Accelerators, incubators, and VC funding groups are some of the ways that small businesses have been attracted to the state and given the ability to flourish. Among all the new software needs, Designli has come out as the top business able to service these projects in our state.  

Designli has been regarded as the go-to development firm in our market thanks to our unique process, experience, and knowledge. Our extensive expertise helps us in crafting the best apps and digital solutions for our clients. Of course, we are most grateful to all of our amazing clients along the way who have been with us through this journey. 

If you’re interested in our process and the solutions we have to offer, please schedule a consultation today.

And, please feel free to stick around to review some testimonials from past Designli clients, as collected by the Clutch reviews team:

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