From vision to version 1.

You’re a new startup founder or are working on a new software-driven initiative. A mobile app or a responsive web-app is critical to your vision.

You’re hearing many development companies explain what they do and why they’re the vendor you should choose; but you’re looking for a partner, not a vendor. We’re here to help. Designli is the top-rated software firm in the Southeast, with a focus on consulting, design, development, and post-launch iteration for newly conceptualized apps and websites.

  • UI Design
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web Apps
  • Flutter

Begin with clarity and focus.

Building an app is expensive and time-consuming: know your price points and timelines before you start. We work to ensure your ‘Version 1’ best addresses your target user-base while sticking to budget through our SolutionLab blueprinting engagement.

Entrepreneurs and established businesses value our process and its step-by-step approach, helping clients seek validation, feedback, and - oftentimes - investment.


We’ve been there.

When you’re building a startup or launching a new digital business initiative, you want someone who has been there before. Someone that knows the pitfalls and heartaches of launching a new software system, and is as obsessed with perfecting your product as you are.

Perhaps more importantly, you need a technical team that has business and product-market-fit chops and that can be a relatable “no-developer-jargon” guide through the process.

We’ve been entrepreneurs, startup tinkerers, and digital business builders since 2012 with the launch of our own apps, and have taken that knowledge to help other entrepreneurs apply efficient startup methodology to their own digital products.

The takeaway? We can help. We’ve been in your shoes. We intimately understand your goals and motivations, and have crafted a company that specializes in helping folks just like you.