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Graphic Design and iPhone / Web-app Development


Our lives are filled with collected belongings and treasured mementos, many cherished because of the stories they hold. Thingealogy provides a system to save these stories, so that they can be shared now or saved for future generations.

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Web-app Development


Built to combat issues caused by the lack of adequate parking space in cities and near major highways, Secur.Space offers an online marketplace that connects companies looking for parking and storage to those with dedicated parking capacity.

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Graphic Design and iPhone App Development


Get revenge on your debt. Paidback helps users pay off their debt faster, with payoff calculators, transaction tracking, and motivation from friends and connections to others who are paying back debt.

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Graphic Design and Web-App Development


Genchi exists to answer the question “How are our teams doing today?” by providing a real-time project status visualization tool. It uses a simple team-sourced ‘pulse check’ to show, track, and share project status and team health, each and every day.

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Graphic Design and iPhone / Android App Development


Empowering the unique potential of every human being, Icueity helps users improve their self-awareness and performance using trait surveys. Self-awareness gaps are established and can be monitored and improved over time.

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Graphic Design and Web-App Development

Surcee helps its users become great gift givers. Simply create a profile and share it with family and friends, invite them to do the same, and never again be stuck in a bind trying to find the perfect last-minute gift.

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Graphic Design and Web-App Development

True Load Time

True Load Time was founded to combat the problem of excessive wait times for truckers. The lack of transparency in facility loading and unloading times prohibits accountability and consistency, resulting in billions of dollars in lost productivity.

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Graphic Design and Website Development


Adam Crisafulli authored the industry-leading Market Intelligence commentary at JPMorgan for over 10 years. With Designli’s help, he ventured out with his own media company.

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Graphic Design and API / Web-App Development


QR Code-driven video experiences on demand, at scale. Emotional Commerce is a flexible, Open API that brands use to build their own personalized shopping experiences.

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