Step into the SolutionLab to upgrade your business with software.,automate manual processes.,replace disjointed software tools.

Grow your business with custom web app and software solutions. Designli offers flexible teams and agile development for SMB needs.

Building applications for growing businesses.

Superior technology is what propels small, scrappy businesses into the next stage of growth. Now that the market has validated your company, it's time to prepare for the long haul. Become more efficient by eliminating technical debt that slows you down:

  • Paper processes
  • Rented, disjointed SaaS tools
  • Systems that have poor UX or lack scalability

We understand that outpacing the competition often requires considerable agility. That's why we assign your dedicated software team and start iterating as soon as possible.

Flexible team engagements allow you to scale up at will. Once you hit your goals, complete a product, or change your focus, simply scale back down without layoffs.


Mobile app development.

When using a mobile device, people overwhelmingly prefer applications over browsers. If your users need to use your application on the go, mobile-first design is a must. This is ideal any time you have agents or representatives in the field. GPS features, push notifications, and offline availability are also great for users who aren’t always in front of computers.


Custom software development.

Your business runs exactly as quickly and smoothly as the applications you depend on. Custom web apps offer a number of benefits, not the least of which is functionality for computer-based users. Easy sharing and superior accessibility are two more reasons to choose web app development.


Cross-platform business application development.

Sometimes it isn’t an option to choose just a web app or a mobile application. As your business continues to grow, you might connect with users on either platform. In that case, why not have both?

Designing for cross-platform deployment from a common codebase is the most efficient way to serve all users at all times. The best option is often to start with a scalable, versatile NodeJS back end. From there, React and React Native make the core of the system available from any device. That way you’re ready to go wherever the future of your growing business leads you.

Who we work with.

Designli works with growing, technology-focused SMBs. If you have a proprietary application that’s critical to who you are as a business (or who you want to be), we can help you make it successful.. 

Grappos, for example, was ready to step up its SaaS product after 12 years of successful operation. The company provides locator widgets that alcohol brands embed into their websites. The market had validated Grappos and its product, but the technology was starting to age. So the leadership brought Designli on to reimagine the core application for the next decade.

Our SMB clients often return to us for project after project. The goal of our agile software development services is to build whatever will add the most value to your business today. When we do that correctly, it’s only natural that we’ll grow into future projects and products together.

Before you know it, you’ll be solving enterprise problems instead. That’s a job for tomorrow. The first step is to determine if we’re starting with a code takeover, or building a new product entirely from scratch.

Code takeover and new feature development. 

We’ll start familiarizing ourselves with your existing codebase right away. Then we can get to work.

  • Squash bugs.
  • Establish integrations.
  • Untangle spaghetti code.
  • Add functionality for new users.

You’ll see cleaner, more efficient code one sprint at a time. That’s only the beginning, too, because we’ll look to start adding new functionality as soon as possible.


New software development for SMBs.

Tell us about your goals. We’ll obsess over your users with you to make sure we start with the most important features. Then we can hone in on the perfect user experience together, one agile sprint at a time.

Even when starting a new app from scratch, we understand that you have an existing business. Instead of interrupting operations, we’ll focus on empowering efficiencies and adding value right away.


Let's get started.