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Building applications for startups.

The endeavor of getting a startup off the ground is not for the faint-hearted. Very few parts of the process will be easy. Fortunately, getting into development doesn’t have to be a pain.

We’ve been in your shoes before. Designli has worked with over one hundred startup founders. All of them get the prototypes they need to validate their ideas. Some of them decide it’s worth the leap into full development. Then there are the ones who achieve all of the success they dreamed of.

Designli can’t take the risk out of founding a startup. What we can do is use proven development processes to give you the best possible chance of success.


Startup software development.

Your business runs exactly as quickly and smoothly as the applications you depend on. Custom software offers a number of benefits, not the least of which is functionality for computer-based users.

Easy sharing and superior accessibility are two more reasons to choose web app development.


Mobile app development for startups.

When using a mobile device, people overwhelmingly prefer applications over browsers. If your users need to use your application on the go, mobile-first design is a must.

For startups, building a mobile application allows you to meet your users where they are: unlock GPS functionality, push notifications, and be top-of-mind for consumers with an app icon on your users' home screens. 


Cross-platform development for startups.

Sometimes it isn’t an option to choose just a web app or a mobile application. As your startup starts to take off, you might connect with users on any platform. In that case, why not make your vision available across all devices? 

Designing for cross-platform deployment from a common codebase is the most efficient way to serve all users at all times. The best option is often to start with a scalable, versatile NodeJS back end. From there, React and React Native make the core of the system available from any device. That way you’re building an adaptable startup that’s ready for whatever the future brings your way.

Who we work with.

Designli works with funded startups that are ready to take on the world. It’s how we got our start. We’ve helped over 100 founders get their feet under them. 

Even as we work with bigger and bigger companies, our team still loves helping startups take off. There’s nothing quite like helping a tiny business go from vision to V1, napkin sketches to working software.

For example, take Lance Theobald. He had experience in transportation in logistics. He also had a brilliant idea to solve a big problem in his field. He even had a co-founder who complemented his strengths, and some existing users in a web-based application.

Unfortunately, the app was breaking everywhere.

So the pair turned to Designli to make the app development process easy. The company fixed their code, reimagined their design, and scaled to become wildly successful. The founders ultimately achieved a lucrative exit.

Our startup clients often return to us for project after project. The goal of our agile software development services is to build whatever will add the most value to your business today. When we do that correctly, it’s only natural that we’ll grow into future projects and products together.

You don’t have to do it all at once. One of our specialties is helping startup founders put one foot in front of the other. The first step is to look around and get your bearings.

Code takeover and new feature development.

Many startups come to us after they’ve fallen on hard times with another agency or internal development. We’ll help you get back on the right track.

You’ll see cleaner, more efficient code one sprint at a time. That’s only the beginning, too, because we’ll look to start adding new functionality as soon as possible.


Startup application development from scratch.

Tell us about your goals. We’ll obsess over your users with you to make sure we start with the most important features. 

Then we can hone in on the perfect user experience together, one agile sprint at a time. We focus on getting you to the minimum viable product (MVP) as soon as possible, launching, then iterating to build momentum.


Let's get started.