Accelerate growth with flexible, dedicated software development teams.

Maximize project success with the proven benefits of Agile Scrum methodology. Our software development process satisfies stakeholders, delights customers, and increases revenue growth.

Agile software development process with dedicated development teams.

First, develop key features to build the MVP that becomes your initial release. This lays the groundwork for continuous iteration. Designli’s adaptable service allows for flexible staffing as you scale up or down at will.

Step into the SolutionLab.

Traditional dedicated development teams are plagued by project-based, waterfall workflows. Designli’s SolutionLab is the antidote.

Our two-week discovery sprint achieves three key outcomes:

  1. frames up your project and solidifies your development plan.
  2. jumpstarts design, including clickable prototypes.
  3. prepares the team for development.

With these three steps toward success, you’re off to the races.


Control your budget.

Contact five project-based agencies, and you’ll get five wildly different quotes. How can you tell the difference between a great deal and an inferior product?

Project-based bidding leaves no room for evolution. Instead, Designli assigns a team and gets to work on a set monthly budget. It’s like building with an in-house team, minus the headache of hiring and managing that in-house team.

If user feedback or market pressures demand a change, your dedicated software development team adapts quickly. Because you’re not locked into a rigid scope, you won’t get nickeled and dimed.


Lean startup methodology.

Companies of all sizes benefit from agility. It’s how you make sure you don’t leave anything important out of your digital product, even as user needs evolve.

Imagine you’re trying to solve the problem of transportation. The core need is to get from Point A to Point B. Your users might not need (or even want) a car. To start, a skateboard will be faster than hoofing it. This is your Minimum Viable Product (MVP).


User feedback: the vital half.

Now you’re starting to get paying customers in the door. Your project is already generating revenue, and you can leverage user feedback to iterate on your success.

All the while, stay deeply connected to your user personas. Give them what they really need, not just what they ask for. As Henry Ford said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

That doesn’t mean your users shouldn’t get input into your next iterations, but their feedback is only half of the equation. We must understand the “why” behind the “what.” This is where user feedback meets behavioral design.


Dedicated development solutions by company type.

We work with businesses to conceptualize the exact apps your users need. Agile software development is ideal for market-proven startups, all the way up to the largest enterprises. Development sprints and flexible scaling options allow you to iterate on your success at warp speed.



Mid-market & enterprises.

Bring the agile startup mindset to your biggest software development initiatives. Scale up and down at will to build enterprise applications without disrupting your ongoing operations.


Software-driven SMBs.

You don’t have to be a Silicon Valley giant to access world-class application design and development. Use an on-demand product team as your bridge to the next level.



Get the clarity you need to create a market-ready MVP. We’ll stick with you as you impress investors, onboard the first wave of users, and monetize your mobile app or web application.

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