Agile software development services on demand.

Achieve software goals faster with Designli's dedicated teams and agile development process.

Dedicated development teams that work like internal teams.

Your in-house team wouldn’t go back to the waterfall development method. So why settle for project-based dedicated development services?

Your core software systems are too vital to your business.


UX/UI design.

It all starts with the user. That’s why we prioritize a beautiful user experience informed by behavioral design psychology, best practices, and user research.

No matter what kind of application we’re making, our standard is a premium, consumer-grade user interface. Business software doesn’t have to be boring.


Mobile app development.

Instead of using Kotlin to develop Android apps and Swift to develop iOS apps, Designli uses React Native. This approach to cross-platform mobile app development allows you to distribute a single code base across both the Android and Apple app stores.

Spend 30% to 50% less to deploy consumer products or enterprise mobile apps across both platforms.


Custom web app & software development.

Sometimes, a simple marketing site in WordPress just won’t cut it. Your product could be more accurately described as a custom web app.

Our team has experience with customer portals, content libraries, and all types of other web-based software development.

Skip the generic solution your competitors use and create custom software to gain a competitive edge.


Cross-platform development.

Some businesses don’t have the luxury of choosing between mobile app development and web application development. In those cases, we combine React and React Native with a scalable NodeJS backend.

We cultivated our technology stack with cross-platform development in mind. This allows us to minimize costs while maximizing versatility with a responsive design.

Technologies we use:
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Choosing an application development partner.

We’ve heard all kinds of questions from our new clients. Most of them ultimately come down to these three things.

Is this team capable of delivering high-quality work?

Designli keeps a deep bench, so we can always field a successful team. If a specific engagement requires a specialized skillset that we don't already have, we'll hire for it. 

Each team member is super-powered by our internal tools that speed up development of common API operations (70% of a typical software’s backend). From there, agile feature prioritization further optimizes the balance of effort to impact.

Our happy clients have honored us with roughly 200 (and counting) 5-star reviews across Google, G2, Clutch, and other review sites.


Does this company have my best interests at heart?

Successful custom software design isn’t just an art or a science. It’s both, and a business. Starting with your users, their goals, and their obstacles to success allows us to clearly define success.

While considering what the software product will mean for your customers, we help you forecast the impact on your own business. Our agile workflows help us keep working on the most important features at all times.

Finally, we assign trusted dedicated developers, designers, and product owners to your project full-time. Your on-demand product team includes all the disciplines required, and each team member is focused exclusively on your success.


Is the price reasonable and in line with my budget?

Committing to agile software development allows us to offer exceptionally stable pricing. The subscription model for dedicated development teams gives you a flat monthly rate.

Starting in the SolutionLab gives you initial clarity into your timeline (without locking you into scope).


Step into the SolutionLab.

The SolutionLab is a two-week prototyping sprint. This gives us enough time to conduct a thorough discovery process, start designing, and prepare for development. You’ll walk out of the lab with a roadmap to your initial release as well as a plan for continued iteration.

The exercise helps our clients validate their concepts. It also provides time to validate our quality, build trust, and establish a productive working relationship.

If something’s off, you can take your specs and designs to another firm for development – no wasted effort. When you’re pleased with the direction of the SolutionLab, you can continue development right away. We’ve found this is the perfect way to jumpstart our agile scrum development process and begin long-term relationships.


Let's build together.

We’d love to hear about your product or software initiative.