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How to Calculate ROI for Custom Software

Considering the finances is a vital part of planning your app or software project. If your company is considering custom software, you want to know that your investment will see a return. But each company is unique, and each project is different. How can you know what kind of return to expect? Software can deliver myriad benefits with calculable ROI,…

the book on ERP integration 101

What Is an ERP Integration? An Introductory Guide

Without an air traffic control tower, pilots wouldn’t know when to safely take off or land their planes. In the same way, an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) acts as the hub for other software systems and applications. ERP integration creates a single source of truth. This process, in turn, allows many business applications to work in harmony.  An integrated…

Designli's ultimate guide to enterprise data collections apps

The Ultimate Guide to Data Collection Apps for Business

Imagine driving at night with no headlights. That’s a bit what making business decisions would feel like with no data. Assumptions make a poor guide. With the right tools though, companies can look to real trends and statistics for direction instead.  But before you have actionable insights, you must start by collecting data. Whether you’re looking to gather customer feedback…


Integration Guide for Enterprise App Development

You keep adding apps to make your business more efficient as you scale. Before you know it, managing all of your different apps has become one of your top productivity killers. As far as pain goes, growing pains are the best kind. Still, it’s best to avoid this kind of discomfort, and enterprise application development might offer a cure for…