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Creativity At Its Finest

Creativity At Its Finest

Guest Post by Dave Gorley // Cincinnati, Ohio.

In many ways, creativity is a lot like love.

It can be fun, confusing, heart-breaking, yet inspiring all at the same time. Like love, our creative capacity has the power to do tremendous things and has played a large part in making our world what it is today.

But what is creativity?

If I were you, I wouldn’t even bother looking up the definition, because what makes creativity so spectacularly profound is that (again like love) it’s hard to actually articulate what it is. With that said, there is value in trying to understand, not necessarily what it is, but rather, how we can use, acknowledge, and appreciate all that it has to offer.

Check this out…


Harness what’s within…
We are born creative. As we grow up, our creative capacities can either fade or flourish. Our ability to construct imaginative ideas is sustained through who we are, what we believe, and what we have learned.



Embrace the inevitable struggles…
In any scenario that involves creativity, there is likely to be uncertainty, frustration, and failure. Do not get discouraged! Acknowledge the obstacle, learn from it, and press forword! (Move on to the next right answer.)



Acknowledge and embrace the impact…
When you allow yourself to embrace creativity, it’s easy to see the tremendous impact even in the most peripheral domains of our lives.



Sustain the spark…
The physical, mental, and emotional stimulation is often not something that can be put into words… but is felt. Take time to acknowledge and appreciate the opportunities you get to experience it. If you let it, inspiration can help guide you through life, especially in times when you feel lost and need it the most.



Be ready to take action…
[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”designlico” suffix=””]Creativity does not rest[/inlinetweet], which means there will always be opportunities. It can be a bittersweet sensation. Through exploration, discovery, and wonder, it is easy to maintain a steady drive. On the other hand, there are times when it can feel overwhelming. Knowing that there is always a next right answer is both a blessing and a curse.



Creativity is distinct and perceived differently by each individual. Personally, I believe it to be an essential quality that motivates the way I think and impacts the actions I make. It is through a reflective lens that I am able to express my creativity in a way that is unique to who I am.



[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”designlico” suffix=””]Collaboration is critical in the creative process.[/inlinetweet] We all think differently, and are able to contribute something unique. Creativity has significantly higher potential when there is interaction between individuals. Sharing ideas, listening to the opinions of others, and gaining feedback are examples of how external input can facilitate creative development.



The world of creativity affords constant engagement. Often times, it has a profound effect, and will have a direct impact on our lives. Creativity can fuel the passion you need to do great things by pushing you to think in imaginative new ways.

Below I have listed a few key resources you can use to start sparking your creativity and capturing it in an effective way!



One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is the importance of execution. Ideas are essentially worthless if they are not pursued, shared, and developed.

  • Mindmapping is one of my favorite tools and is beneficial for idea generation as well as organization. Mindmeister is a way to interactively mind map in collaboration with peers.
  • CreativityGames posts new creative material, such as games, every week. It also offers excellent resources that stimulate creative thinking (i.e. articles, links, and thought provoking questions).



  • Thinkertoys – A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques



Seeking inspiration? Look no further.

As a TEDTalks junkie, I have watched hundreds of videos over the years. And out of all the videos I have watched, How Schools Kill Creativity stands out with How Great Leaders Inspire Action being a close second.




My thanks to the Designli team for offering the opportunity to share my thoughts. As an entrepreneur, growth hacker, and digital marketing strategist, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Designli, and am yet to walk away from a conversation without learning something new.

“It’s necessary that you align yourself with people and attract people into your business – people who are hungry. People who are unstoppable and unreasonable. People who refuse to leave life just as it is and who want more! The people who are living their dreams are the people who know that if it’s gonna happen, it’s up to them.”

Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or connect via email at dave@growthx.co!

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