UX / UI design.

UX / UI design.

User Experience Design and User Interface Design are some of the most important skill-sets that help make an app or web-app stand out from the crowd. In a sea of software products competing for users’ attention, ensuring your designs are intuitive, compelling, and memorable makes all the difference.

Our expert designers are trained in app and web design standards and best-practices, applying this knowledge to each project we work on.

UX design.

UX, or ‘User Experience,’ is what guides user’s actions to the desired goal. We often describe this as the way the users ‘flow through’ the features of your application.

Research on what types of users you’re targeting with your software product (referred to as ‘User Personas’), our client’s knowledge of the industry they are looking to serve, and our team’s deep understanding of modern design best-practices, are all combined to form a compelling interface that ‘clicks’ in the minds of the app’s user base.

User flow diagrams.

Our graphic designers are specialists in conceptualizing thoughtful interfaces for iPhone apps, Android apps, and mobile-responsive web products. Foundational to this effort is the preparation of a User Flow Diagram as a first step of our process.

User Flow Diagrams map out the logic of how a user might interact with each screen, or page, of the software system. A goal in every app is to minimize the number of clicks, or taps, that are required for a user to reach the feature that they are looking for. Understanding the flow of your app will ensure it is robust yet simple to navigate, keeping users engaged rather than driving them away in frustration.

UI design.

User Interface Design breathes life into your app or website idea. Instead of just talking about your concept, you’ll now be able to share visuals that show precisely what each screen, or page, of the product looks like.

This is one of the most important steps of building a new digital product - as this is a large part of the impression your product will leave on your users. You’ll need a graphic design team on your side that understands the principles of modern UI Design and can apply these best practices to your feature set.

App and web prototyping (invision)

After wrapping up the UI Design of each of your app or website’s screens, Designli’s graphic artists will utilize the Invision platform to prepare a navigable prototype of your product. This shows exactly how each screen looks, feels, and functions - and can even be installed on your phone or sent via link to investors (for fundraising), future users (for feedback and concept validation), or stakeholders (for buy-in) prior to jumping into Development.

App and web prototyping serves as a valuable ‘pausing point’ to ensure you’re building the right thing, securing buy-in from future users and stakeholders while the feature set is still easy to manipulate and iterate on.

Partnering with Designli means quality, value, and attentiveness that has earned us the title of top-rated app and web design firm in the Southeast. Schedule a call with us today to discuss your project.

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