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Mobile app development.

Mobile app development presents unique challenges compared to building a feature-rich website:

  • The App Store and Google Play Store have compliance requirements that your app must meet to be approved for sale.
  • The app landscape is competitive, and knowing the latest trends in product psychology and design patterns helps make your app ‘stick’ with your users.
  • An app has to be easy to use on a phone, which limits screen size and functionality.

We take all of this into account, then put ourselves in the shoes of your customers to take a human-first philosophy towards app development. Our team has experts in a variety of development stacks, and we know what tech is the best fit for different ideas and business models. We’re here to guide you as your technology partner, and will recommend the right tools for the job.

iOS app development.

Our team of senior developers understands what it takes to create complex applications that will run smoothly on iPhones and iPads. The result is a robust, polished, and scalable product that adheres to Apple’s standards. We take pride in having your end product work as beautifully as it looks – in what you can see, and in the code behind the scenes.

Perhaps most importantly, we strive to have ‘pixel perfection’ when implementing your designs. We’re picky as customers and demand the best. Why should your app be any different? We achieve this by having our designers and developers work together on an integrated and multidisciplinary team.

Android app development.

Designli’s Android app developers build Android apps from scratch to ensure they’re fine-tuned for your users. The best Android apps follow Google-led design guidelines and principles, which we bring to each product we work on.

With so many different Android devices in the world, it’s vital to test your Android app on a variety of device and operating system combinations. This is how we ensure the user experience is consistent across the entire Android ecosystem. With an emphasis on ease of use, staying true to the intended design, and regular testing, our senior Android developers ensure your end product is magical.

Cross-platform app development.

Many cross-platform development languages promise more than they can deliver. Some appeal to web-specific developers who only pretend to be platform-agnostic. For software products that truly work across all platforms, we’re believers in Flutter app development.

This versatile language created by Google allows us to create apps with greater flexibility than we could with native app languages. If cross-platform development is a business requirement, or if you want to keep your options open down the road, this is a fantastic way to reduce costs. Flutter can handle all but the most complex user interfaces and feature stacks.

Cross-platform app development with Flutter allows you to distribute your app to both Apple and Android app stores with one code base. Working with a single code base brings the time – and cost – to develop your app down by 30-50% on average.

Enterprise mobile app development.

When building a mobile app as an established business, our first task is to analyze your business requirements and determine the best tech stack we can bring to the table. What will it take to create a cross-platform mobile app you can deploy anywhere? Is it possible a responsive web app might keep costs down or allow you to deploy to more devices?

Once we have a sense of direction, we invite you to a SolutionLab blueprinting and road mapping session. Our team of consultants ensures your feature set is mapped out in granular detail. Within days, you have a precise understanding of what it takes to create your app, including per-feature pricing to help your app fit within your budget.

Top-rated mobile app development company.

Partnering with Designli means quality, value, and attentiveness. Attention to detail has earned us the title of top-rated app firm in the Southeast and helped us expand to serve clients from all over North America. Schedule a call today to discuss your project with us, and you’ll see why we have more than 100 five-star reviews across Google and Clutch.

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