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Adam Crisafulli authored the industry-leading Market Intelligence commentary at JPMorgan for over 10 years. With Designli’s help, he ventured out on his own - and launched his own successful media company, selling market commentary to investors.


Why Vital Knowledge?

Adam Crisafulli is a respected voice in the world of stock market analysis. With tens of thousands of readers following his market commentary, Adam formed Vital Knowledge as an independent media organization.

He wanted Vital Knowledge to capture the narrative of the market, curating critical news and information alongside original analysis that helps investors navigate the increasingly noisy media landscape.


Meet founder, Adam Crisafulli.


Monetizing his 20 years on Wall Street.

Adam knows how to write market commentary, analyze important events, and attract the attention of hedge funds, mutual funds, family offices, and private equity firms. He needed help with the software side of his new business venture: building a subscription service to easily distribute this content to paying customers.


Delivering market insights to tens of thousands of readers.

Adam’s work has been recognized on numerous occasions as best-in-class. He secured the top 1-2 spots in the annual Institutional Investor specialty sales rankings for 2017 and 2018. His content is consumed by investors across asset classes - equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities, etc.

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Step into the SolutionLab.

Designli's proprietary product roadmapping initiative, named the SolutionLab, helped Adam thoroughly plan out what it would mean to launch a digital business.


A technical product plan for a non-technical founder.

Adam knew he was launching a startup that relied on technology. And he trusted the SolutionLab for bringing his vision into a tangible blueprint for what that business would look like: technical documentation, but without the developer jargon.


A UX focus: Meeting readers where they were.

In the SolutionLab, User Personas are an important discussion point that dictate functionality. Adam knew his readers would be at trading desks, with his website up on one of their many screens; or, on-the-go and needing to load a lightweight webpage quickly.

UX/UI Design & Prototype.

Graphic Design is where the product plan for Vital Knowledge was transformed into a tangible and navigable interface to ensure alignment of the vision, across both desktop and smartphone resolutions.


Designli handled the from-scratch Agile Development of the content delivery web-app and subscription system, developed in Angular and Node (and using Stripe for payment processing). Since public launch, Designli continues to watch Adam promote the Vital brand, and assists with the ongoing implementation of new features to help him expand his reach.


Communicating clearly from the start, Designli’s team inspires confidence throughout the project. They're my guide throughout all these steps.

Their consistent communication, responsiveness, and ability to work with an inexperienced founder make them a valuable partner.


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