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The Best App Development Statistics for 2024

The Best App Development Statistics for 2024

Whether you’re an avid app user or want to build one, read on to discover some of the top app development statistics. 

But before we dive in, let’s the bigger picture. In 2023, global smartphone users exceeded 6.3 billion users worldwide, and experts project that it will pass 6.9 billion users in 2024. In many ways, the apps on them help us move through our lives with greater ease. From communication to maps to work, there’s almost no limit to the problems an app can help us solve. 

The average person in the U.S. checks their phone about once every five minutes, and 88 percent of their phone time is spent on apps. That’s why it makes sense that the app development space has been and will continue to be such an interesting space for innovation. 

Let’s see what the numbers have to say about this explosive area of development. 

Best Mobile App Stats In 2024 

Mobile apps are probably the most widely-known form of app development because of the ubiquity of smartphones. In fact, the average smartphone user uses around 10 apps per day and 30 apps per month. This indicates that there’s room for many apps to capture the attention of a single user.

As you may know, the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the U.S. The iPhone is home to the Apple Store, which has 1.96 million apps available for download. For those who use Android phones, the numbers are actually even more impressive. There are 2.87 million apps available on the Google Play store. 

Overall, users seem willing to implement new apps into their lives, as long as it makes their lives more convenient. The data bears this out. In 2024, it’s expected that apps are going to generate about $935 billion in revenue. This business is truly booming. However, it’s important to note that most app downloads are free downloads. This means you have to garner business within the app itself rather than making users pay for it to be on their phones. 

Apps and Emerging Tech: Current Stats to Notice

You can’t talk about app development in 2024 without acknowledging the impact of emerging technologies like AI, AR and VR, blockchain, and wearables. Just like in recent years, experts expect all of these technologies will continue to influence app development this year in a myriad of ways. 

The past few years have seen an explosion of AI-specific apps, and that’s only expected to keep growing in 2024 and beyond. And for good reason—McKinsey reported last year that AI has the potential to boost corporate profits up to $4.4 trillion a year. Beyond AI-specific apps, there are many ways AI can be built into apps of many kinds. For example, the report specifically identified customer support and creative content as areas where AI could add value. 

Like AI, both VR and AR are on an upward trajectory. This year alone, the AR/VR market is expected to top $38 billion; and by 2028, more than $58 billion. Incorporating AR into your app might not seem like a necessity, but it could set you apart from competitors. One study showed that AR-enabled apps had a purchase rate about 20% higher than non-AR apps.

Blockchain and wearables are also key app development categories to watch this year. The blockchain market is expected to be worth about $20 billion this year—up from $1.57 billion in 2018. Helpful for financial apps and more, blockchain offers security many users demand.

By 2025, Internet of Things (IoT) devices are projected to total 30.9 billion. Wearables are a hot area of innovation within this category. From fitness trackers to Apple Vision Pro and more, there is so much room for creativity when it comes to app development beyond smartphones. 

Most Notable UX And UI Stats This Year

Those familiar with UX and UI know that the interfaces are so important to digital experiences. And if you run any aspect of your business digitally, odds are you’ve given thought to your user experience and interface. That said, it’s worth noting that about 75 percent of Baby Boomers prefer websites with a simple-to-use interface. Also, 78 percent of Millennials like a minimalist site design. The same applies to apps. A clean, navigable interface will set you apart—and ahead of competitors.

Nowadays, having a digital presence is so important to business that one new website is built every three seconds. Plus, about 94 percent of internet users say that their first impression of a business is based on the design of their site. And, 88 percent of people are unlikely to revisit a site if they had a bad first navigation experience. This includes how a site appears on people’s smartphones or tablets: 45 percent of users want content that can be viewed on all kinds of screens. After all, as of 2021, there are more than 1.28 billion tablet users worldwide! 

Users are also particularly sensitive to loading times. Perhaps this is unsurprising, given how much businesses are forced to compete for people’s attention. A slow loading time makes about 88 percent of users close out of a site and can result in about $2.6 billion in annual revenue loss. In short, businesses can’t risk losing user’s attention unless they want to miss out on financial gain. 

While investing in the user experience of your app might feel unnecessary, consider the return on investment. For every dollar spent on a user’s experience, the ROI is about $100.

Most Interesting Enterprise App Stats To Note

You might be skeptical about whether building an enterprise app is a future-forward investment. If so, consider that companies are spending more and more in this realm to keep employees and help them become even more productive. In 2024, the average per-employee spend on enterprise software is expected to top $83 each. So, the market is there for the taking! 

According to Forrester, the vast majority of enterprise software will be in the cloud this year. The company predicts that 75% of enterprise software investments will fall into the SaaS, versus on-premises, category. This means, that simply being an enterprise app isn’t enough to stand out. 

To capture attention—and dollars—you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure that your users have the best experience possible. After all, your app can only solve business problems if users actually use it. On average, users spend about 5.5 to 6.7 minutes on an app session with each use. That’s actually a lot of time for customers to have eyes on your products and services! Websites, on the other hand, rake in about 2 to 3 minutes per user session. 

Push notifications are one great way to remind users to come back to your app throughout the day. You can send them information on pending projects, workflows, or updates that affect an important process. In fact, targeted push notifications reduce app abandonment by about 16 percent

Transforming Your Business With Mobile App Development In 2024

The numbers tell the story—there’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to app development. By understanding this booming area of development, you can stay informed and guide your business toward success. And if you need any help perfecting or creating the app you want for your business, know that we’re here to help you do just that. 

Considering creating an app? Reach out to learn more about how we help clients build successful apps. Get in touch.

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