Web development.

Web development.

Senior development teams like Designli understand the importance that custom experiences built on the web have for startups and established businesses alike. We’re a team composed entirely of senior developers that have seen it all: and excel at bringing your vision to the web across any screen-size via a mobile-responsive website.

Website design and development.

Building a responsive web-app begins with clear and concise UX (User Experience) and a beautiful UI (User Interface). Our website designers will map out an interface that your target users will love to use, and will prepare a navigable prototype for your review and approval - before bringing it to life with written code.

Once development of your website begins, our Agile process will give you regular, reviewable updates that keep our team aligned with yours. When building responsive web applications, we use the modern coding languages Node.js and Angular. We build your web application on top of Amazon Web Services which is the best in the business, and gives you access to powerful technologies like ElasticSearch and integrated development pipelines.

Web application development.

Custom applications built for the web are often referred to as ‘Web-apps,’ and define where our specialty lies. These differ from the broader term of ‘websites’ which would also include content-only marketing sites that don’t require building custom functionality.

With web-apps, you’ll need a team of designers and developers that will write code for you from-scratch, precisely to your specifications. And, that will focus on ensuring you have a responsive web-app that is optimized for use across the many screen sizes that your users might be working on: whether that be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Designli brings a proven process to the table that is easy to understand and that guides you through the many decision points to come.

Custom software development.

We build custom software that is specifically created to solve the needs of our clients: whether that be optimizing an internal process, or launching a new consumer-facing product that will stand entirely on its own.

Custom software need not be known for its horror stories; our clients value our expertise and our step-by-step approach as we help clients validate their assumptions, field feedback from their target users, and iterate towards the perfect software solution.

Web portal development.

‘Web portals’ is a term that typically refers to a web-based user portal that allows a specific type of person - like a customer to a business - to login and see custom functionality and content made just for them.

We’ve designed and developed web portals that act as stand-alone entities, or that tie in with existing systems and databases that might already be in place. We’ll begin with discussing what actions might stay ‘manual’ and performed by a back-end portal administrator, and what must be automated - and the cost differences of each of these decisions.

Partnering with Designli means quality, value, and attentiveness that has earned us the title of being the top-rated custom software company in the Southeast. Schedule a call with us today to see how we can help with your initiative.

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