Earth Technology Integration

ETI provides ‘Emergency Operations Center’ software solutions: web-apps that government entities rely on in times of crisis. Designli provides full-time development support to help maintain, and iterate on, these systems’ feature sets.

The software need.

We were approached by Earth Technology Integration’s leadership team after having successfully built their suite of software applications through a decade of engineering work and secured government contracts.

What ETI needed help with was ongoing maintenance of the robust software system, including new design and development work for additional web-apps that are spun up for new contract awards.

The SolutionLab.

A three-week roadmapping session that allowed the Designli team to fully uncover ETI’s business model, learn about its existing software ecosystem, and thoroughly document the first project that was going to be tackled.

Establishing a pilot project to build trust.

The SolutionLab focused on building a scope of work for a ‘pilot project’ - a new Emergency Response web-app that could be designed and developed by Designli and tied into the current software ecosystem that was in place. This helped to build ETI’s confidence with Designli’s Project Management, Design, and Development prowess prior to switching to a Dedicated Product Team model.

Ensuring a good long-term fit.

An important aspect of building a long-term software development partnership is: do the client and the vendor work well with one another? Are we able to effectively communicate? Do we have project management tools in place that allow us to manage a substantial amount of tasks across many different apps? Through bite-sized engagements that grew with time, we built a successful relationship.

Graphic design & prototyping on a rolling basis.

Our Graphic Design & Prototyping process proved helpful for stakeholder validation for the new interface for our ‘pilot project’ - which tied into the existing look-and-feel of the rest of the ETI web-apps.

However, even more valuable was having a Designli Product Owner (with Graphic Design prowess) head up the development team thereafter, helping manage the Dedicated Product Team and provide design mockups across any new features or systems that were being rolled out.

Today, our Product Owner is the key design resource that ETI relies on across all its systems.

A dedicated product team.

Today, Designli provides a Dedicated Product Team to help support the existing ETI software ecosystem, and to build new features or entire systems when new government contracts demand it. With a full-time Front-end Web developer, Backend Web developer, and part-time Product Owner / Graphic Designer, EIT is humming along with regularly-scheduled product update and review meetings and an organized system for managing its features backlog.

React, Node,js, Express.js, Amazon Web Services

"They’ve done a great job with project management — they come in with conservative deadlines and budgets. Communication is great; we have webinars two times a week, and they call me periodically to ensure everything’s going well. This is very refreshing and distinguishes them from other providers."

"Our team is impressed with the coding organization and readability. Also, their technology is spot-on, and they’ve ramped up our existing projects — it’s been nice to work with them. We’re pleased with their work and want to expand the work with them because they’ve done such a great job."

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