Icueity empowers the unique potential of every human being. Users improve their self-awareness with 360 feedback, 365 days of the year. An iPhone and Android app brought from concept to final product by the team at Designli.


Why Icueity?

Icueity was born out of the idea that most of us have blind spots. Founder Rebecca works with leaders and CEOs, and noticed that there was a gap between who they saw themselves as and how their teams saw them.

Icueity promotes self-awareness using ‘continuous 360 reviews,’ providing feedback at users’ fingertips based on trait-specific surveys among your peers.


Meet founder, Rebecca Heiss.


An ideal background.

Rebecca Heiss is a stress physiologist by trade, and before that, she studied evolution and human behavior. After taking the academic route, she started applying her knowledge of biological principles to the business world, speaking on overcoming biological blind spots to optimize performance and found a lot of interest from leadership teams. Icueity fits perfectly within Rebecca’s established brand.


A rewarding entrepreneurial experience.

The most rewarding aspect of operating Icueity, accordingly to Rebecca, is empowering others. She has the awesome responsibility of helping people live happier and more productive lives through curiosity, vulnerability and self-awareness. She’s seizing the opportunity to change culture and the way people interact with one another both at work and beyond.

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Step into the SolutionLab.

Our SolutionLab - the blueprinting process that takes a Designli client from a vision to a tangible roadmap - focused on defining the feature set for a market-ready, polished product.


Making a large vision more tangible.

As with any visionary concept, many features came to mind that would be exciting additions to the product. In our SolutionLab, we focused on putting as tight of a box as possible around the core value that Icueity brought to the table. Solving the most important problems first, yet still having a roadmap in place for how that core vision could evolve with time, was the priority.


Modular, à la carte pricing per feature.

The output of the Icueity SolutionLab was a tightened up understanding of the key functionality of the product, defined in a way that platforms (iPhone versus Android versus Web-App functionality), and functionality for each of those platforms, could be manipulated with pricing changing accordingly. From here, decisions could be made.

UX/UI Design & Prototype.

Rebecca’s goal from the start was to get to a point of ‘investor readiness’ - pitching those in her industry to come on board. A tangible mockup of each screen of the app, and a navigable demo that served to outline the concept in a visual form, was critical to that pitch.


Agile development, launch, and ongoing support.

Icueity was built as a native iPhone and Android app, with a web-app component using Angular and NodeJS - and with regular status updates and milestone reviews using an Agile Methodology. The Designli team handled Design, Development, and Launch in-house, and continues to help Rebecca with the ongoing iteration and support of the Icueity product.


Designli's approach to app design is extremely thorough and organized, providing a strong sense of confidence and a clear roadmap of understanding.

I've been thoroughly impressed at every stage of their work. They've delivered above and beyond my expectations.


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