Enabling on-demand access to a rapidly growing network of storage facilities for those searching for truck parking and intermodal container storage solutions. Graphic Design and Development support provided by the Designli team.



Co-founder Lance was a veteran in the transportation industry when he noticed a recurring problem. Truck operators and others in the industry didn’t have a convenient option to secure short-term storage when they needed it. At the same time, he knew owners of industrial lots that were underutilized wanted to get more out of their assets. The idea for Secur.Space was born.


Meet co-founder, Lance Theobald.


The founding story.

Lance was at a crossroads in his career having just taken a promotion with his former company. It was a great company and a good job, but like many entrepreneurs, Lance really wanted to step out and do something on his own - and was on the hunt for an opportunity. With a co-founder, he entered a business plan competition and won, using this as an opportunity to validate some early assumptions.


Advice for new entrepreneurs.

One of Lance’s biggest challenges has been dealing with the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. It’s hard for outsiders to understand just how wonderful a win can be, and how downright depressing a loss can be. Lance says to remember there will be good days and bad days - but to stay the course and not get too excited in either direction.

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Step into the SolutionLab.

First, develop key features to build the MVP that becomes your initial release. This lays the groundwork for continuous iteration. Designli’s adaptable service allows for flexible staffing as you scale up or down at will.


Understanding an existing web-app infrastructure.

The Secur.Space team leaned on Designli to conduct a full code review and audit, so that our developers could jump in and increase the pace of ongoing feature iterations based on the initial success the system was having and the huge demand seen in the marketplace from trucking and logistics companies.


Mapping out a mobile app component.

In parallel, our SolutionLab consulting engagement focused on blueprinting how a new mobile iPhone and Android app would fit into the business model. Mapping out the most critical features that an on-the-move trucker would need to be able to access, we created a Work Breakdown Structure: a line-item quote of each feature for easy decision-making.

UX/UI Design & Prototype.

Even the best-laid plans need to remain flexible. In the case of Secur.Space, the market pulled the company into the direction of making the existing web-app infrastructure more feature-rich rather than tacking on new iPhone and Android apps. Our designers were tasked with making the web-app User Interface more intuitive, with an embedded searchable map for easy visualization.


The Secur.Space web-app was developed with React, is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and relies on HubSpot for marketing automation. The Designli team supported an in-house CTO with feature development support and brought a new set of customer-pleasing functionality to the table with a faster pace than could have been delivered otherwise. Secur.Space continues to be a fantastic example of how a product can be iterated on after launch based on market demands - and has recently been acquired.

Technologies used:

  • Express
  • NodeJS
  • React

Our team deeply appreciates the work that Designli has done so far. They’ve implemented our designs well, and we’re thrilled to continue working with them.

Designli excels as project managers. They have top-notch processes and great communication, bridging the gap between business and tech needs.


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