This custom mobile application combines the power of consultative coaching with modern e-learning technology. Self-assessments, daily exercises, and tailored learning plans allow organizations and individuals to cultivate better leadership characteristics.

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Why Virtuosity?

Mary Crossan and Dr. Corey Crossan are educators by training. They specialize in character development for those in leadership positions. The mother and daughter pair had a mission to capture everything they know about developing leader character, then present it in a private and secure system. Virtuosity was born.

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Step into the SolutionLab.

The true challenge of creating this educational app was in taking cutting-edge research and condensing it into a simple user experience. Designli's UX design and product roadmapping session helped Virtuosity take shape. The result is a systematized approach to character development. Now organizations can use Virtuosity at their own pace instead of shelling out for manual leadership consulting and workshops.


Create an MVP.

The first step was to create a simple, yet useful product. The SolutionLab yielded a prototype so the Crossans could confirm that it accurately captured their expertise and methods.

The app starts with a character assessment to identify behaviors and traits worth focusing on, just as an in-person consultation would. The user confirms their focus areas. Then the app generates daily tasks and weekly assessments to keep the learning on track. This essentially creates an asynchronous consulting and coaching engagement.


Analyze, monetize, and iterate.

Once the team confirmed that Virtuosity was headed in the right direction, it was time to get it ready for the big stage. That meant building in analytics to confirm the efficacy of what the app was teaching. It also meant establishing payment processing workflows so organizations could buy e-learning memberships for their employees.

With that, the app was ready for deployment to pilot users. Analyzing feedback from the beginning helped the team prioritize features and iterate through a robust backlog.

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Dedicated app development team.

The team behind Virtuosity is savvy enough to know that launching a minimum viable product (MVP) is only the beginning. They went on to launch new features and functionality, using their dedicated development team as they would an in-house product team.

This includes adding a French language version to capture more of the Canadian market. Virtuosity also added another license type, making this app available to individuals, not just organizations. Going straight to consumers was yet another play to grow the user base.

Technologies used:

  • Flutter
  • NodeJS
  • AngularJS
  • AWS

Results and key features.

A well-planned release and intentional feature addition made this app especially valuable to organizations. Virtuosity sells largely to government entities and universities throughout Canada.

In-person leadership retreats and coaching seminars weren't nearly as attractive in the early 2020s. A virtual tool like this is the ideal replacement.

Now, Virtuosity is pivoting to become more of a software-enabled services company. They can sell their custom mobile application and admin portal as an extension of training workshops.

Delivery of the productized offering is much more scalable. This business model drives revenue growth faster than marginal operating costs, making Crossan Associates Consulting more profitable.

E-learning app lessons.

Virtuosity provides a full library of resources. This allows users to tailor the learning program to their specific character development needs.


Customized daily exercises.

Each user receives daily exercises to help them achieve their character growth goals. The custom application determines which exercises are most vital and timely to keep each individual user on the path to growth.

virtuosity exercises ux design

Collaborative teambuilding.

Users have the opportunity to share exercises, ideas, and insights with others at the organization. This fosters a culture of openness and interactivity that makes the entire human network stronger.

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Objective assessments.

The world-class researchers behind Virtuosity have distilled leadership character coaching to a science. As a result, this app can provide objective assessments to help users track progress over time. These regular assessments provide opportunities to reflect and refocus on honing the appropriate skills.

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Data-driven insights.

Users can see real-time feedback as they attempt to improve their leadership qualities. Empirical feedback on self-awareness and character development allows users to see the results of their efforts. These changing measurements identify key areas for improvement, and insights into expected benefits provide valuable motivation to keep going.

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Admin portal and organizational analytics dashboard.

Virtuosity gives administrative users an opportunity to look at organizational trends. Dashboards and reports provide various ways to see the big picture of how the whole group is progressing:

  • real-time trends.
  • participant well-being.
  • key performance indicators.
virtuosity analytics dashboard UI design

Designli has always delivered on the expectations provided and continues to exceed expectations as they are consistently proactive about anticipating our needs, especially with timelines and budgets, by providing alternative solutions.

Designli has been a pleasure to communicate with. Everyone we have worked with has been responsive and we receive consistent reviews and updates. Once again, they anticipate our needs by proactively providing alternatives before we reach out to them with questions.


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