This healthcare application helps nurses and other medical professionals find inventory reliably when the patient needs it. Nightmarishly unorganized hospital supply closets become a thing of the past when everything is as organized as a leading department store – by aisle, shelf, and bin number.

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Why AskIris?

Hospital supply rooms have earned a negative reputation in the healthcare industry. Nurses and other professionals spend a long time looking for supplies, and sometimes they can't find what they need. All the while, patients are becoming dissatisfied by the wait. Sometimes, delays even have serious implications.

AskIris is a healthcare mobile application designed to solve this problem with several key features:

  • Allow healthcare professionals to search by voice or text to find what they need immediately.
  • Provide low-stock alerts so supply room administrators can order more.
  • Allow medical supply admin to manage inventory via CSV with simple uploads and imports instead of manual processes.
AskIris healthcare app UX design

Step into the SolutionLab

Designli's proprietary UX design and roadmapping session helped this client frame up a minimum viable product (MVP). Instead of trying to integrate with every hospital's inventory management system (IMS), we elected to pursue easy CSV workflows. Now the healthcare app business can pursue each individual IMS integration as needed.


Customization to match any bin system

Hospitals all have their own ways of organizing the supply closets. It isn't feasible to enforce a certain type of bin sorting system. When a hospital onboards with AskIris, it can customize the floor, room, isle, shelf, bin combo based on the the existing storage layout. There's no need to reorganize the closet to fit the app. Instead, each hospital can tailor the app to match the existing supply rooms.


One code base across all devices

There are all kinds of devices at play in hospitals and clinics. Healthcare workers often use Zebra devices to scan and manage inventory. Many nurses wear Apple Watches. People often have full or soiled hands, which makes speech-to-text a lifesaver. Deploying a single code base across Android, iPhone, and Apple Watch creates an entire ecosystem of devices to be used by typing or voice.

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UX/UI Design & Prototype

UX/UI design brought the product plan to life. Building a navigable prototype ensured everyone was on the same page before development. This was our chance to validate every part of the application:

– Efficient UX flows to empower nurses.

– Admin portal for supply room managers.

– Scanning for QR codes and barcodes.


askiris apple watch ui design
askiris healthcare account creation UI design
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askiris scan barcode UX design
askiris scan qr code UX design

Development, launch & iteration

AskIris is built with AngularJS, NodeJS and Flutter. Cross-platform application development allows this app to function on Android, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Zebra devices. The chosen tech stack made it as efficient as possible to develop a scalable backend, an intuitive web portal, and a cross-platform mobile app. The AskIris app's ability to function on Zebra devices is proving extremely valuable for the go-to-market strategy.

Technologies used:

  • Flutter
  • NodeJS
  • AngularJS
  • AWS

No need for improvement. We have really enjoyed working with Designli.

Designli is one step ahead of us, and has been so thorough and helpful with all of the smaller details that we did not think about.


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