True Load Time

Designli was approached by logistics entrepreneur, Kevin, to solve a multi-billion dollar problem in the logistics industry. True Load Time was born.


Why True Load Time?

There is no transparency in facility loading and unloading times for truckers and trucking fleets; this means truckers are forced to wait at shipping and receiving facilities, leading to billions of dollars in lost productivity. True Load Time solves this problem by being the go-to source for determining average wait times at shipper and receiver locations. With this knowledge, truckers can plan accordingly and stay on schedule.


Meet founder, Kevin Nadeau.


An intimate understanding of the problem.

After spending the majority of his career in the trucking and logistics industry, Kevin knew that 'loading and unloading wait times' were a major cause of headache not just for him but for everyone in the space. His vision for building a startup to solve this problem was born.


Building a team.

Kevin knew he was the industry expert, but also knew he had to build a solid team around him for the technical side of the equation. His advice? “Fill in what’s missing with smart and talented people. You’re only as successful as the people you surround yourself with."

Step into the SolutionLab.

A new software project can go any number of directions. The SolutionLab is Designli’s solution for ensuring alignment - and building a plan for executing on a client’s vision.


Determining project architecture.

True Load Time has patent-pending technology. For this reason, documenting the architecture of the system, and being able to describe this for filing for (and upholding) a patent, was of paramount importance.


Focusing on the user experience.

The TLT system is packed full of data about shipping and receiving locations. Ensuring this database was easily searchable by truckers on-the-go, and fleet dispatchers on a desktop computer, was a focus throughout our process.

UX/UI Design & Prototype.

Bringing the True Load Time concept from a User Flow Diagram (sitemap) to a fully designed, and navigable, product demo, was the next step in the Designli process. This prototype was shareable with investors and business partners for feedback and validation.


Agile development, launch, and ongoing product iteration.

Our team developed TLT on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure using Angular and NodeJS using an Agile Development methodology. True Load Time uses Amazon ElasticSearch and processes user’s credit cards using Stripe. Since public launch, Designli continues to support Kevin with product iteration based on market feedback, helping Kevin win users and gain support from investors.


I’m extremely happy that working with Designli feels personal and is more than just ones and zeros. Their work is fantastic. The design of the platform is aesthetically pleasing and simple to use.

Their communication is fantastic. Especially as a non-tech person, it's truly helpful for them to break it down so I can understand what they're doing and where my money is being spent. It's been a really collaborative process.


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