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7 Best Blogs For Start-Up Founders and Entrepreneurs

Laura MacPherson June 27, 2019

Starting and building a profitable business is no easy task. Fortunately, new entrepreneurs can benefit from the advice of experienced founders who’ve successfully made the journey before them. Today, we’re sharing our top picks for blogs startup founders should be reading, listed in no particular order.

Learn from people who have “been there, done that” successfully. Launch a product, build a team, secure funding, and market your business using the strategies of successful entrepreneurs.

1. StartupNation

StartupNation’s tagline is “Build Your Business, Live Your Dream,” and it’s easy to see why. On this blog, you’ll find plenty of information to help you start, grow, and manage your business. Additionally, check out their radio show and community forum to connect with other business owners.

2. TechCrunch

Reporting on all things business and tech, TechCrunch’s website has a ton of information for startup founders. The articles are broken down into helpful categories like Startups, Apps, and Gadgets. The video library includes interviews with experts, product and app reviews, news, and much more. TechCrunch offers advertising opportunities, both online and at tech showcase events worldwide.

3. Both Sides of the Table

Both Sides of the Table is a blog written by Mark Suster, managing partner of Upfront Ventures, the largest venture capital fund in Los Angeles. Because Mark built two successful companies before becoming a venture capitalist, he has excellent insights. He shares his perspectives on entrepreneurship, lessons for startups, and tips for venture capital and managing your board.

4. The Founder Coach

Dave Bailey is a successful CEO coach, angel investor, entrepreneur, and former venture partner. He shares tips and tricks for both investors and startup founders with The Founder Coach blog on Medium. Blog categories include Product, Marketing, Fundraising, and Leadership. Because he’s both a startup founder and angel investor, he has a unique perspective. Dave has raised millions of dollars in venture and angel capital. He’s also co-founded multiple companies and is an Oxford College and Stanford Business School graduate.

5. HubSpot

HubSpot is a well-known all-in-one sales, marketing, and customer support platform. Their blog provides helpful information covering everything from communication formatting to website speed. Explore one, or all of the four blog categories; Marketing, Sales, Sevice, and News and Trends, then check out their library of e-books, guides, and research articles. Additionally, HubSpot offers free certification courses in topics that cover a variety of marketing skills and tactics.

6. Jason Calacanis Blog

This is a no-frills, no-nonsense blog by serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and author Jason Calacanis. It covers everything from business growth to current societal topics. He also has a podcast, a book titled ANGEL, and offers a half-day course on angel investing. Jason founded his first company in the era of the ‘90s and shares his expertise at industry conferences worldwide.

7. Fink About It

This blog is by Jeffrey Finkle, a venture investor, angel investor, speaker, and startup competition judge. Its topics include startup life, tech, investing, cannabis (he’s an investor in the industry), and venture capital. As a result, you’ll find tips and tricks on everything from growing a successful business to investing. Jeff co-founded the first cannabis member-managed fund, Viridian Members Fund. He also runs a not-for-profit for people with disabilities in New York City and Long Island.

We’re sure you won’t be disappointed with any of the resources on this list of blogs startup founders should be reading. They’re a goldmine of helpful information that will give you an insider perspective on starting and running a successful company.

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