Shawn Parrotte

Shawn Parrotte is a marketer and demand-generation expert who also has experience with UX/UI and development.


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3 min read

How Emojis Can Boost Your App’s Engagement, Conversion, and Retention

According to Swyft Media, 41.5 billion messages and 6 billion emoticons are sent around the world every day on messaging apps.

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Surprising Insights from Small Businesses Using DIY Website Builders

Designli was recently featured in’s in-depth survey about DIY website builders.

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Mobile App or Responsive Website: Which is Best for your Business?

If you’re looking to build a mobile asset for your company, you’ll need to decide whether you should opt for a native mobile app or a mobile...

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6 min read

Designing a Flawless App Experience: 9 UX Research Techniques

Think about how it feels to use your favorite mobile app.

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5 min read

App Analytics : How To Know If Your Users Love Your Digital Product

When launching an app out into the world, it’s easy to obsess over the sexier numbers: downloads and revenue. These are the analytics that create...

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