8 Questions To Ask a Potential App Development Partner

8 Questions To Ask a Potential App Development Partner

You have a great idea for an app, but you need to find a partner to bring it to life and help you think through strategic decisions required for launch. And since it seems like everyone knows someone who is an app developer these days, how do you determine which app development partner is right for you?

The more clarity you have about what you want to create (and why) before contacting developers, the better. We’ve put together some key things to consider before reaching out to potential development partners, along with a list of questions to help you find the right app developer for your project.

3 Things To Consider Before Contacting Potential Development Partners

While it isn’t necessary to have these items completely figured out ahead of time, having some clarity on these three topics will help give your potential developer partners a sense of your goals and help to guide the conversation.

  1. Who is your target audience for the app? What is the main objective of the app? Who do you want to market it to, and why?
  2. What platform do you want to develop your app for? Based on who you’ve identified as your target audience, which platform do most of your potential customers use?
  3. What is your budget range? While you don’t have to go into your conversation with a precise budget number, you should have a sense of the budget range you’re working with.

Once you’ve gotten clear on these three topics, you’ll be ready to contact your list of app development candidates. Make sure you come to each conversation ready to ask the teams these eight crucial questions:

8 Questions To Ask a Potential App Developer

1. What apps have you developed?

Potential developer partners should provide you links to the apps they’ve worked on. Be sure to ask them describe their involvement. Did they develop the app from scratch, or just certain aspects of the app? Did they collaborate with other developers? How much input did they have on the strategy? Did they have a consulting role, or were they simply filling an order?

2. Do you have experience building the type of app I’m looking for?

Review your list of priority features with your potential development team to give them a sense of what you’re looking for, and help you determine whether their skills are a good match.

3. Are you able to offer guidance on product development?

A development team who can also provide guidance in the product development process is an invaluable asset. Developers who have played an integral role in concepting and building successfully-launched apps can help you further refine your concept, identify the best target audience, and help formulate your monetization strategy. This kind of team will give you valuable insights and help ensure a successful end product.

4. How will we be working together?

Communication is the most critical component of any project. You will want to understand how you’ll be working together, what tools you’ll use, and how review and approvals will happen.

5. What type of documentation will you provide?

As the app owner, you will want to ensure you receive all pertinent development documentation, how to deploy the app, and how to use instructions.

6. How will you handle app testing?

Testing should be done both during and after app development. Your development partner should have a process for fully testing all features to confirm that they’ve been successfully implemented.

7. What does maintenance of the app look like?

Apps require ongoing maintenance to fix bugs and update functionality, so you’ll want to get a sense of how your development partner will plan to handle these maintenance items.

8. What are your questions for me?

A good potential developer partner will come prepared to ask questions about you, your goals for the app, and how you (as a potential client) envision the development process working.

Once you’ve asked your potential app development partner these eight questions, you should have a good understanding of whether they have the right set of skills, the necessary experience, and a proven process that will ensure your app development experience is a positive one. And armed with this information, you can feel confident knowing you have all the information necessary to select the right development partner for your app.

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