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LifeTabs is a hugely impactful concept. Out of 700 million diabetic people in the world, many of those people do not have access to the medical supplies needed to manage their disease. The LifeTabs product aims to solve this with a low-cost test strip: a coated paper tab.

The idea is that a drop of blood will turn the strip a certain color, based on the level of glucose in your bloodstream. The color change can then be compared to ‘guide colors’ on the outside of the strip, to give a visual indicator of the user’s blood glucose levels.

The LifeTabs team needed a mobile app to take a picture of that tab, to produce a reading of the color in true ‘digital read out’ form.

The Challenge

The challenge posed by the LifeTabs project was hugely interesting to the Designli team. Questions arose in droves: How do we control for ambient light? How do we make sure the interpretation of the color change, done by the mobile app, is always accurate within +/- 15% as required by the FDA?

Our team tackled this problem full steam ahead. Starting with our standard Graphic Design & Prototyping Package so that the look and feel of the mobile application could be defined, we set about working on the User Experience.

During The Project

After Graphic Design, we plunged into Android Development. During Development, LifeTabs was the definition of a project full of ongoing R&D. As the mobile app and color-reading algorithm became established, and tweaked over time for further accuracy, the Clemson University research team prototyping the physical color-changing strip iterated on its size, coloring, and shape.

For this reason, Designli maintained a flexible development approach of changing and perfecting the color-reading algorithm on an as-needed basis. Collaboratively, our teams joined forces and achieved project success.

The Result

Under controlled test environments, we were able to make the mobile app show a blood glucose reading in mg/dL, accurate to +/- 15%, satisfying the requirements that Designli was contracted to deliver.

Here at Designli, we strive to be Transformative By Design, unlocking mobile technology for our clients. This was the perfect utilization of our passion, and skill, in achieving that mission.

‘’Designli worked with Accessible Diagnostics on the development of a novel mobile application for a low-cost glucose test system. We are looking forward to continuing to work with them on the next phase of our project.”

John Warner,
Accessible Diagnostics