Emotional Commerce

Emotional Commerces provides digital solutions to brands that want to bring emotional experiences to digital and physical products. A fantastic example of a flexible, developer-facing API created by the Designli team.

Why Emotional Commerce?

E-Commerce stores have a problem: classic gift receipts are impersonal, with a few sentences slapped on a standardized gift receipt. As a gift sender, what if the recipient of your gift could scan a QR Code that came in the box, and see a video of you wishing them a happy birthday? This is one example of how video experiences can be built into the shopping experience - something that Emotional Commerce brings to the table, at scale, for brands big and small.

The SolutionLab.

Designli's initial step: building a blueprint for what to expect and the precise price-points and timelines for launching a new digital product.

Helping to guide the software approach.

Our client entered the SolutionLab with a vision for how consumers (E-Commerce store shoppers) could have a better gifting experience. This is the best type of startup founding story: noticing a problem in real life, and knowing that there must be a better way. He needed help determining how software could help make that happen.

Laying out the options in plain-english.

Our software consultants excel at distilling complex software builds into plain-English discussions. Through our SolutionLab, our team helped the client decide between building a plugin for one particular E-Commerce store framework, or building an Open API that developers of stores could build custom integrations with.

Graphic design & prototyping.

Where the rubber meets the road. How would this concept be marketed to the public? And what would a dashboard look like for managing one’s own custom API integration? The interface for the entire product was simulated into a tangible, navigable prototype.

Agile development, launch, and ongoing support.

Our team built Emotional Commerce from the ground-up using an Agile Development framework. The web-app was developed in Angular and Node, leaning on Stripe for payment processing.

Since public launch, Designli continues to help our client with the ongoing maintenance of the system and explaining its technical specifications to interested brands/customers.

Visit the live product at EmotionalCommerce.com

"They’re very patient and able to work with someone who has no technical background. They’re doing fantastic work. The communication has been flawless."

"Designli’s ability to take a concept and bring it to life, coupled with their superb communication skills, made them a reliable partner."

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